Dear (Insert customer name),
** Sick of suffering too much downtime with your email, documents & applications?
** Too many fluctuating costs to manage your IT
** Think you are spending too much on IT hardware & software upgrades?
Our new Cloud Office product from Microsoft Virtualisation can help…
CloudOffice utilises infrastructure built using the Microsoft Technology stack for Desktop as a Service enabling end to end enterprise grade solutions for SMB.
microsoft_virtualization CloudOffice Product Features

  • Windows Based Cloud Desktop
  • Microsoft Office 2013 Standard Edition
  • Office 365 Exchange Email Account
  • Outlook Anywhere (Access Email on all your devices)
  • 50Gb per User Email Storage
  • 50Gb per User File Storage
  • Secure Firewall protecting your infrastructure
  • Active/Active environment
Microsoft’s virtualization and management solutions, built on Windows Server and System Centre can help you better manage resources and offer IT as a service. Whether you want to virtualise workloads, build a private cloud, scale your services through a public cloud, or combine all three.
Some key benefits of this new technology are:
  • Multiple Australian data centres provide High Availability – no costly downtime
  • Enterprise Grade redundancy all on shore, ensuring data is backed up LIVE – sovereignty & security guaranteed
  • Scale users up & down as required – flexibility
  • End to end management & support for your IT environment – no more additional, expensive IT support costs
  • Scale users up & down as required – Fixed monthly costs & pay a set ‘per user per month’ fee all inclusive – reduce IT costs
B2B Wholesale along with our partners is focused on delivering technical business services. We specialise in bringing a range of telecommunication and IT solutions that allow your team to focus on what’s important.
One of our team will call you shortly to arrange a time to offer an obligation free IT Assessment, to explore how this new technology can specifically help your business reduce IT costs and improve overall IT efficiency.
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