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When choosing someone to service your 4WD it is important to choose a workshop that specializes in 4WD’s.



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Hi my name is Geoff Whitehead, I am the proprietor and team leader of The 4WD Workshop. My commitment is to provide the best possible 4WD service to my customers, be that 4WD repairs and servicing or modifications to your 4WD vehicle.

We are also specialists in the supply and delivery a comprehensive range of 4WD parts and 4WD accessories. For over 30 years I have worked & been heavily involved in many aspects of 4WD industry & using this knowledge we guarantee our customers the superior service they deserve.

It is important who you choose

How it all came to be…

When choosing someone to service your 4WD it is important to choose a workshop that specializes in 4WD’s.

There are many places that know what they are doing with a Commodore, Falcon or Camry but there is only a few that are real experts when it comes to 4WD’s. The main issue is that the standard dealerships don’t know the questions to ask, they don’t understand that a 4WD is subject to many harsh conditions. Simple questions like.

Has your vehicle been through bog holes? – Have you been through water crossings? – Have you been down a lot of dusty & arid areas?

People that understand 4WD vehicles know what these conditions do to your vehicle & know what to look for. If you do a lot of kilometers you can do a lot of damage & cost yourself a lot of money. When looking after a 4WD properly it is a two-pronged attack,

<== To see what damaged could be caused refer to the adjacent video

Our Guarantee

When servicing a 4WD you need to be thorough, this is so important, you need to thoroughly check out the car. The extra hour to do it properly could not only save you hundreds even thousands of dollars!  It could very well be difference between you getting to your destination safely or you being stranded somewhere kilometers from anywhere.

Bottom line is we check everything! We are thorough; we guarantee all our workmanship.

When we work on your car we keep you informed, if we find something wrong we will call you. We like you to see, to know that we are looking after both you & your vehicle.

We service cars our way & believe that this is the right way!

It is very comprehensive; we minimize the risk of a serious breakdown.

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